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Clean water from every angle

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 ✓ Free worldwide Shipping

✓ Fast Shipping

✓ 30-Day Return Policy

the best flowing faucet

the chrome 720 degree faucet

  • filters water four times
  • fits on 99% of the faucets
  • reaches a 720° degree angle
  • with outlet modes
  • splash proof stream of water

highest quality standards

Sturdy Copper, ABS body for extra durability and longevity. The chrome coating is made out of high-quality plating.

leak free valves

This faucet also includes reinforced double O-ring valves that ensure that all leaks are prevented.

accessable from every angle

Reach up to 720-degrees of rotary range, we have 2 models which both can reach every dead corner in your sink.

universal design

This faucet needs to be accessible for everyone so we designed it to fit almost every faucet.