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February 05, 2020 2 min read

Eleven Things To Grate...

Since there are many more things to grate than just cheese, I got curious to discover which things I can grate. In my opinion, if you discover the possibilities of our Cheese Grater, then this will change your kitchen game.

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In this little test, I've managed to grate the following edibles:


You create delicious chocolate dessert toppings. Chocolate melts more quickly when grated instead of chopped.


    our cheese grater can also grate all sorts of vegetables for salads, soups, sneaking into pasta sauces, turning them into ingredients for bread or cake, and more.


      How often do you have to wait to make cookies or pie crust because your butter is frozen and it needs to come to room temperature? If you grate frozen butter, you can use it immediately.


        Grating tomatoes is the easiest, fastest way to make tomato sauce. Cut the tomatoes in half and start grating. When you're done, the skins will be all that's left in your hands and you can toss them. (Or better yet, compost them.)

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        Do you want toquickly add garlic to your meal by grating it right over the pot or your pan.

          Hard-boiled eggs

          Grate eggs for a salad topping or to mix up a quick egg salad.

            Potatoes or other root vegetables

            Forget frozen hash browns. Make your own quickly by grating potatoes or other root vegetables (or a combination) for fresh hash browns.

              Citrus zest

              A Microplane is usually used for grating citrus, but if you don't have one, the smallest holes on your cheese grater will make an acceptable substitution.


                If you need bread crumbs, toast some bread and then run it over your cheese grater. I love how this eliminates the need for the food processor and makes cleaning up easier.

                  Frozen bananas

                  Grate a frozen banana or two and drizzle with chocolate sauce for a treat.


                  Grate a small amount of hardwood charcoal (not chemically treated) into kosher salt — about 1 tablespoon of charcoal per cup of salt. Pulse them together in a spice grinder and you'll have a smoky finishing salt.


                  There are endless things to grate from your kitchen. Way more than we have tested. 

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                  Bram Vos
                  Bram Vos